Tuesday, January 1, 2013

CanolaBrio! Nutrtional Newsletter

CanolaBrio! was a nutritional newsletter published between 2002 - 2004 to highlight current nutritional research findings around fats and oils, especially canola oil. The project began with the development and publishing of a Canola Oil Annotated Bibliography. The findings of the bibliography were then reviewed and articles written around such topics as "Canola Oil Beneficial for Type-1 Diabetes", "Alpha-linolenic acid and the Prevention of Heart Disease", The Trans-fat Dilemma - An Update".

The name was developed from canola \can-OH-luh\ noun: healthy; oil; infinite possibilities and brio! \BREE-oh\ noun: vigour; vivacity; and liveliness.

To view copies click below:

CanolaBrio! Issue 1 
CanolaBrio! Issue 2
CanolaBrio! Issue 3
CanolaBrio! Issue 4
CanolaBrio! Issue 5
CanolaBrio! Issue 6

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