Monday, September 23, 2013

Book Review: Great Food Jobs 2

I was honoured to be asked to provide a review for Irena Chalmers' new book Great Food Jobs 2. Here is the review:
Irena Chalmers is the ultimate mentor for those pursuing a career in the food industry. In true Irena Chalmers style, Great Food Jobs 2 cleverly paints a picture of every food job imaginable mixing in practical advice with real life experience. Further, it is full of clever culinary tidbits, sage counsel and humorous musings on all things food.  It is Chalmers’ witty commentary that really elevates this book from a simple vocational guide to an inspired culinary career handbook. Readers not only gain insight into the world of food jobs but are expertly encouraged to that eureka moment where he or she says, “YES! This is the job for me”.  Written for those considering a food career, I also found (after 20 plus years into my food career) inspiration and career renewal ideas. Thank you!
Dorothy Long, Home Economist and Food Communications Consultant.
I love to read a book that was written by someone I know. I imagine their voice in my head as I read the words - it feels more intimate and special. Like a conversation. In this case, I could imagine Irena's british accent, her sparkling blue eyes and the look on her face when she delivers a particularly witty story. Zing.

One of the best pieces of life advice I received from Irena was, "not to be afraid to give an idea away as you can always have a new one." This was huge for me because as a consultant ideas are currency. This comment started me on a much more productive journey where I felt more free to share ideas and allow them to grow and take new shape through working with other creative people.  Or to let them go, move on and clear the way for other ideas when it becomes clear something wasn't working. Holding an idea too tightly just leads to stagnant thoughts and is a real bummer creatively.  The fun is in playing with the idea - creating synergy and watching it grow.

Thanks Irena!  You always make me smile. I really enjoyed this latest book.  Dorothy

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